Working areas

As well as its work in the OBI Group sourcing unit, Emil Lux GmbH & Co. KG carries out a number of other services in our working areas – including procurement, brand marketing and after-sales services for own-brand products.


Product Management

The Product Managers are responsible for ensuring that our range is always attractive, reliable and current. They know the market and the competition, and know what consumers will want tomorrow. The Product Managers therefore develop strategies and use global supplier sourcing to align our range, so that our partners will always reliably find the right products. They also conduct negotiations and meetings with suppliers, create offers and determine prices. With our trading partners, they coordinate products from the start of development, up to their optimal placement in the various distribution channels.


Quality Management

Quality management plays a deciding role in determining the reliability of our products, and therefore the success of EMIL LUX GmbH & Co. KG and the entire OBI Group. The Quality Development, Quality Assurance and After-Sales departments work together to ensure that each individual product from our range meets our high quality standards. This also includes technical support for new or revised products in mass production, as well as random quality checks or technical inspections to ensure compliance with our strict specifications. Compliance with all applicable national and international legal framework conditions is another issue.


Private Brand Marketing

For OBI own brands, EMIL LUX GmbH & Co. KG offers the right products and an especially attractive price-performance ratio, taking into account customer requirements and the competition in several areas. We develop and maintain the private brands and the necessary market support for these product ranges and their individual requirements. The Private Brand Marketing department initiates, coordinates and integrates suitable concepts from the package design, to the POS, communication, and online presence.


Sales Operations

As an internationally-operating company, we support our customers and sales force both at home and abroad. Our international employees in the Sales Operations department are responsible for monitoring the introduction of new ranges, managing offers and orders, and finding customer-oriented solutions to complaints. Their main skills include developing customer-specific product and range suggestions, as well as suitable product display solutions. Careful performance management completes their range of tasks. Our Sales Operations team is your permanent point of contact for all questions about the delivery of our products.



Our Logistics employees carry out various tasks along the Emil Lux GmbH & Co. KG supply chain. The areas of responsibility are equally diverse. Our Logistics team organises the global flow of items from suppliers in the network, to warehouses in Europe. Once there, items are recorded and then stored. After careful order picking and packing, the warehouse transportation planning team is responsible for ensuring that orders are quickly and reliably shipped to our European trading partners and customers.


Supply Chain Management

EMIL LUX GmbH & Co. KG’s Supply Chain Planning staff are responsible for the timely availability of over 25,000 items, taking inventory levels into account. They work with the Sales and Product Management departments to plan the relevant product range and necessary action, and coordinate the operative purchase – from the needs assessment and order triggering, to order tracking and the receipt of goods. This also includes constant communication with suppliers, e.g. to avoid supply bottlenecks, and further optimisation of the ordering procedure, to minimise transport and warehouse processing costs.


Key Account Management

Our international Key Account Managers are direct points of contact for OBI and our other European trading partners. They know our product range, and those of our competitors, like the back of their hands. In continuous exchange with our customers about existing and potential product ranges, these are adapted to country-specific requirements, and are actively offered with consideration of the various European and Asian delivery routes. The product ranges available to our international markets also remain attractive and current.


Sales Force

Our trading partners can rely not only on our products, but also on our support. Proximity to our customers is especially important to us. The Sales Representative advises his markets on all matters relating to EMIL LUX GmbH & Co. KG products. He is responsible for cross-selling, as well as the multiple placement and perfect implementation of products.


Master Data Management

Master data maintenance, control and optimisation is vital to EMIL LUX GmbH & Co. KG’s vast range. The Master Data Management department combines all master data relating to items and deliveries, and makes it available with the help of our IT Systems staff from all departments. Everyone is therefore able to find the answers to all their questions about our products and suppliers. This improves efficiency, and contributes to the success of our company.



Controlling plays a key role in our company. Data and information transparency, conclusive management reports, and the analysis, presentation and development of performance indicators and forecasts form a reliable decision-making basis for the Management team. Our Controllers not only have impressive analytical skills and conceptual strengths, but are also able to efficiently analyse and structure complex processes, and to present them in a way which is easy to understand.