The Euromate GmbH

The Euromate GmbH concentrates itself as sourcing organization of the OBI enterprise group on the global sourcing as well as the quality assurance of campaign, season and permanent campaign articles for the DIY range areas: Technology, garden, living and building.

Global Sourcing

EUROMATE disposes of a world-wide sourcing network with corresponding sourcing offices and agencies at site.


The OBI Group

OBI is a leading DIY brand in Europe with a wide range of DIY and garden products. OBI was founded in 1970 and has been growing dynamically ever since, in some areas above the market average. OBI currently has more than 650 stores across Europe. Parallel to the stationary trade, OBI is steadily expanding its online business in many countries. With more than 350 DIY stores in Germany and over 80 in Austria, OBI is one of the top players in the DIY business in Central Europe. The OBI Group currently employs around 48,000 people, who recently generated sales of more than € 7 billion.


Quality assurance

An important and central element and thus a success factor for a global sourcing is the safeguarding of the agreed quality and its delivery on time. The quality demand of EUROMATE thereby refers to the products and services as well as to the processes.

EUROMATE puts its services exclusively at the disposal of OBI – a leading brand in the German and European construction and do-it-yourselfer market with more than 330 markets in Germany and more than 175 OBI markets abroad.